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Personal Training

At m40fit, we value that everyone has unique goals, fitness levels, and circumstances.

We've personalised Personal Training

Personal Training that works with you:

  • Train one-on-one or with a buddy

  • Indoors or outdoors

  • We now offer Stick Mobility Personal Training sessions

  • Take advantage of our weight management consultancy to reach your goals faster

Designed for you
For you.png

Each Personal Training plan is based on specialised attention to the needs of each individual. Every workout is designed around your goals with safety and effectiveness for you and the way you live.

m40fit personal training is motivating, integrated and functional, covering all areas of fitness and movement quality. 

Enhance your Personal Training

Pair your Personal Training with our Weight Management Consultancy.

Choose how you want to train
One-on-one or buddy up. Your choice.

​For those who like extra company; you can request tandem Personal Training Sessions. Whatever your preference, with m40fit, you're not alone.

Move better with Stick Mobility

We now offer Stick Mobility personal training sessions. The use of Stick Mobility sticks helps to improve your range of motion. To learn more about Stick Mobility, go to their website or contact us.

Try StickFit

You're sure to have a laugh and move better with our new StickFit Personal Training Sessions.

Our Approach

m40fit personal training is approached with having an adaptable and flexible attitude. Accredited personal trainers are friendly and approachable and share a commitment to continuing health and fitness education.


We excel at motivating and inspiring people. We apply and adapt workout techniques based on the individual's fitness level, medical history, needs and goals. 


Contact us today to start your personal training adventure.

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