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Group Training

Participating in our Group Training classes is a great way to have a fun, well-rounded, and adaptable workout.

Workouts to meet your needs

Although you'll work out in a group, we make sure there's something for everyone:

  • Our flagship 'm40fit Collection',

  • Dedicated beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes,

  • Small Group Training, and

  • Group Training for organisations.

The m40fit Collection

Designed to create healthy connections in an enjoyable and supportive environment, the m40fit Collection will boost your social and physical health.

​We develop our own choreography with safety, adaptability, and fun in mind. There's at least one class each day (no classes Sunday), and as long as you're a member, it's free to participate.

Collection Overview

LIFTfit: Use resistance to develop muscular strength and endurance.

FORMfit: Work on your spatial awareness and stability on a step.

FLOWfit: Stretch out your muscles to improve mobility.

MIXfit: Mixing everything together to create an all-round workout.

All classes are free for m40fit members. To learn more about our Collection, contact us.

Small Group Training

Our Small Group Training classes are personalised workouts in a group of 4-6 people. They're just as fun and just as effective.

See how Small Group Training can be a cost-effective way to get personalised workouts.

It's a hit

Take a swing in MITTfit - our boxing exercise group training class.

For Organisations
For Organisations

We've partnered with local organisations such as care facilities, NDIS and football clubs to create a mutual benefit for the organisation and its clients.

Partnerships generally consist of private group training sessions, tailored to the requirements of the organisation. We will work closely with the organisation to best deliver our services on a one-of or ongoing basis.

Connect with us to see how we can add value to your organisation.

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