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Weight Management

Having a healthy lifestyle and diet may not always come easily. 

Our consultants believe that weight loss or weight management is about finding what works for you, and creating a realistic plan to achieve your goals.

Live better

Weight Management Consultancy is about helping you achieve your goals by creating healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits.

Exercise with a balanced Lifestyle.

Diets that encourage and promise rapid weight loss often lead to weight being regained just as quickly. Statistics show that millions of dollars are spent, a lot of time and effort wasted on lotions and potions that prove as an unsuccessful quest to get slim. 


Not only are many popular diets ineffective, but they are also a health risk. Research into popular diets found that only one in four diets reviewed met current nutrition guidelines with many eliminating important, nutritious foods.


Here at m40fit, we believe that weight loss or weight management is about finding what works for you. 

If you want short term weight loss, try a diet. However, if you really want to lose fat and centimetres, increase strength, improve fitness, look great and feel fantastic - join m40fit for simple and effective ways that won't leave you starving for success.

Helpful Resource

Check your Body Mass Index (BMI)

BMI factors in your height and weight to determine a rating. You can use the following formula to calculate it by yourself:

BMI = Weight (Kg) / [Height (m)]^2

You then find your result in the corresponding range, below:

 > 18.5 : Underweight

18.5-24.9 : Healthy

25 - 29.9 : Overweight

30 - 34.9 : Obese Class I

35 - 39.9 : Obese Class II

 >= 40 : Obese Class III

For an easier way to determine your BMI, follow the link below:

Exercise and food go hand-in-hand

Weight Management isn't just about losing weight - it's about creating achievable lifestyle habits to help reach your goals.

In the consultation, we get to understand your goals, whether it's to lose weight, gain muscle, or improve bone density to prevent/ reduce the effects of osteoporosis.

We then advise on what healthy habits to implement, enabling you to achieve your goals.

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